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Pokemon: Stories and Unofficial Pokémon Diaries 6 in 1 Book

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6 unofficial diaries of several Pokémon in a bundle!

Diary 1: Squirtle isn’t too happy about life. Since his trainer left him, he has been hiding in a cave with a bunch of gang members (also Squirtles). He appointed himself to be their leader, and he pulls pranks on people and other Pokémon. But a series of events leads to his self-discovery, a new trainer, new friends, and a vicious enemy: Team Rocket. Will Squirtle save the day by preventing James to throw a bomb on his home? And will he choose to evolve into a Wartortle or a Blastoise? Or will he give some other that opportunity?

Diary 2: In this adventure, Charmander tells about how he met Ash, how he escaped the rainstorm and made sure the flame at the end of his tail didn’t get extinguished. He also battles another Pokémon, a water type, and he faces his worst fears in the hollow depth of a mysterious tree. Read about the courageous Charmander, who confronts himself and overcomes his fears by looking for practical solutions.

Diary 3: What will Eevee choose? He turns into 8 different Pokémon creatures. Along the way, he finds out that each of these types serves a purpose, and that each has its own benefits. Glaceons can turn things into ice, Umbreons can see in the dark, and Espeons can read thoughts. Will he be able to make up his mind? May, his trainer, certainly likes to experiment with his evolvements, but every time, he realizes that there is another one he can change into. Choosing between rescuing a child, killing a dangerous water type Pokémon, or revealing the evidence of a crime investigation is tough. Decisions… decisions…
Diary 4: This Snorlax has a huge appetite, but that’s okay as long as he can take his yearlong “nap,” or, in other words, hibernate after storing all the food he devoured. Snorlax is happy when he fills his tummy with goodies from the supermarket, but when he goes to sleep, his slumber gets interrupted by a bunch of loud kids. He wakes up and won’t stop eating. He steals food, goes island-hopping, and doesn’t slow down one bit! Will Ash and Misty succeed in bringing him to the laboratory, so Professor Oak can take a look at this gigantic Pokémon?

Diary 5: Psy-psy-psy. That’s what the Psyduck keeps saying. When he has a headache, he worries, he gets confused, and he doesn’t know what to do. However, whenever he does get those headaches, it unleashes his psychic abilities. His trainer, Misty, discovers this and makes use of this trait by punching him on the head all the time. She gets a little frustrated when he jumps out of his Pokéball at the wrong moments, but she also loves him to pieces. Together, they hunt down a water type Pokémon, train at the gym, and beat a sinister bully in a Pokémon battle. But will Psyduck ever get rid of those headaches?

Diary 6: Magikarp tells the story of his adventure on a cruise ship, with a scam artist, a bunch of Pokémon trainers, and Team Rocket. He tells the reader how he feels, what he overhears when eavesdropping, and how evil individuals try to abuse him for their own selfish purposes. He relates how the ship sinks, how he evolves, and what he does when he becomes a Gyarados. Dragon call, dragon dance, and dragon pulse are being used by this angry Gyarados, but soon he realizes, after coming to himself, who the real enemy is: Jesse, James, and Meowth.

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