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Pokémon GO: Comprehensive Pokémon GO Guide with all 802 Pokémon (Tips, Hints, Cheats, Secrets, Strategies, Teams, Battery Saving Tips for both iOS & Android) (Nintento Mobile Games Book 1)

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Nostalgia, Yeah!

Finally, you can catch them (all?) again.
This guide offers EVERYTHING you need to know when it comes to Pokémon Go! Including season 2. It is also the most frequently updated guide you will find out here. Last updated: 2/16/2017

Whether you are just starting out or you already have hours of experience under your belt, this guide will help you evolve from a complete leek to an absolute Pokémaster. Unlike other guides, we don’t stop at how to play the game. We provide you with in-depth information, rise to the top of the Poké-foodchain and stay there. Hours of gameplay and research went into this guide and it will make things a lot easier for you. We have also included bonus information for you, covering how to efficiently save your battery and fix various bugs on both Android and iOS platforms.

Some of the most fascinating things we offer in this guide include;

  • How to start with your favorite Pokémon!
  • Beginner and more advanced strategies to power leveling
  • Where to find rare Pokémon
  • How to create a team of strong Pokémon
  • Battles and how to win them
  • Eggs, hatches and shortcuts
  • Location specific Pokémon
  • Various tips on how to optimize your game
  • Optimizing your phone for the game
  • killer tips to save your battery life.
  • The new Pokemon
  • And much, much, much more…!

Not just the average guide indeed. If you’re serious about becoming that Pokémaster, this is the right guide for you. If you’re a beginning, an intermediate of an advanced player, there is something in here for you! Open the guide for a quick glance at the table of contents! As you’ll be able to see this will be the only guide you will ever need, and don’t forget it’s constantly being updated to secure your best gameplay. Read this guide and we guarantee you that you will become the Pokémaster.
Note: This is not the ‘Pokémon GO’ game. it’s a guide to play the game.

Legal Notices:
This book is an unofficial Pokémon Go guide only, it is not authorized or created by the creator of the game.

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