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Pokemon: Diary of a Psyduck


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A funny duck-like Pokémon and his psychic abilities. A fun and humorous story.

Psy-psy-psy. That’s what the Psyduck keeps saying. When he has a headache, he worries, he gets confused, and he doesn’t know what to do. However, whenever he does get those headaches, it unleashes his psychic abilities. His trainer, Misty, discovers this and makes use of this trait by punching him on the head all the time. She gets a little frustrated when he jumps out of his Pokéball at the wrong moments, but she also loves him to pieces. Together, they hunt down a water type Pokémon, train at the gym, and beat a sinister bully in a Pokémon battle. But will Psyduck ever get rid of those headaches? Don’t miss the fun, action-packed, somewhat humorous storytelling in this Pikachu diary series!