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Pikachu vs Mewtwo Battle Royale: A Children’s Pokemon Series with Pictures and Simple Reading! (Diary of a Silly Pikachu Book 5)

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Join Pikachu and his wonderful friends in this Pokemon story with pictures as they come across the rare and powerful Mewtwo. What will Pikachu do with the newfound information from Mew? Is Mewtwo really all that bad?

Find out what happens next in Diary of a Silly Pikachu #5!

This short story is a perfect read for any young budding reader ages 6+. Includes many pictures for younger readers!

Anybody that loves Pokemon Go, or even just Pikachu will love this story! Adults remembering their childhood will relive memories as they get hooked on this continued story!

Follow along with Pikachu as he explores the wonderful world of Pokemon with his friends and trainer!

This is the fifth continuation of the Diary of a Silly Pikachu story. For the best experience, be sure to start at #1!

All stories written and published by Justin Davis
Pikachu’s First Adventure: Diary of a Silly Pikachu #1
Pikachu Gets Into Trouble!: Diary of a Silly Pikachu #2
Pikachu Makes a New Friend: Diary of a Silly Pikachu #3
Pikachu vs Mew Battle Royale: Diary of a Silly Pikachu #4

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